A Day at the Spa



A Day at the Spa

Series:  Aromatherapy & Spa

Inspired by: Borgo Egnazia, Italy

Treat yourself to a spa day like no other at Borgo Egnazia, situated just a short distance from the captivating Adriatic Sea. A magnificent village, it’s crafted from the bright, whitish-grey Tufo stone native to the region. Lose yourself in its serenity, and breathe in the aroma that will rid you of any and all care with A Day at the Spa.

Top Note:  fresh air, dewy greens, cedar leaf
Middle Note:  peony bloom, neroli, apple blossom
Base Note:  wet stones, blue mahoe, oakmoss

Scent Intensity:  Medium

Benefits: Calms the soul. Compassion booster. Relaxation.

Made in the USA.

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16 oz Candle, 8 oz Candle, 4 oz Diffuser Refill, 10 mL Essential Oil, 2 – Pack Wax Melts, 8 oz Foaming Hand Soap, 12 oz Body Wash


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