Soaring Over Africa



Soaring Over Africa

Series:  Park Ride

Inspired by: Soarin’ Around the World®*

With Soarin’ over California switching to Soarin’ Around the World, a whole new set of scents were created. Soarin’ Over Africa™ Fragrance scents were formulated by a chemist to be as close to the ride as possible. However, everyone’s nose is different and we hope you enjoy these scents to bring back your Disney Park memories.

Top Note:  grass, corn husks, fresh air
Middle Note: lily, patchouli
Base Note: amber, sandalwood, oak

Scent Intensity:  Medium

Made in the USA.

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16 oz Candle, 8 oz Candle, 4 oz Diffuser Refill, 10 mL Essential Oil, 2 – Pack Wax Melts


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